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Welcome to Aliacura, where expertise and passion for natural cosmetics meet. We are a highly skilled team of experts specializing in bringing you the finest products and ingredients for your skin care needs. With a shared commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to bring you a diverse selection of natural cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.


Under the leadership of Dr. Philipp Hohnstein, Pharmaceutical Technology Specialist Pharmacist, we bring our expertise to the development of effective and safe cosmetic products. Dr. Silvia Hohnstein, chemist and pharmacist, ensures that every product we offer meets the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


Our team also includes Ms. Zeljka Bronzovic, Bachelor in Food Technology and Process Engineering. With her deep understanding of ingredients and processes, we are able to develop unique formulations that harness the power of nature. Ms. Antonia Sinka, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, ensures smooth operations and excellent customer service, while Mr. Attila Sinka manages our warehouse and logistics to ensure efficient processing and timely delivery of your orders.

Leading our marketing and sales activities is Mr. Loay Alshammary, our dedicated Marketing and Sales Manager. With a trained eye for market trends and a passion for natural cosmetics, he works tirelessly to introduce our products to customers throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


At Aliacura, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence, scientific accuracy and a belief in the power of nature for healthy, radiant skin. With our team's expertise and unwavering commitment, we invite you to embark on a journey of beauty and well-being with our exceptional selection of natural cosmetics and beauty ingredients.


Join us as we redefine the concept of skincare and harness the power of nature for a truly transformative experience.

Image by Ian Schneider
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