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For our Business Clients

Companies based outside Germany are exempt from VAT.

In this case, please order normally with VAT and then select manual payment. You are welcome to write your preferred payment method (PayPal, SEPA direct debit, etc.) in the comments. We will then promptly send you the correct net invoice with the corresponding payment details.


Please do not forget to enter your correct VAT ID with your order.


Do you need other container sizes or do you have any questions about the products? Feel free to contact us by phone, our chat at the bottom right or by email.

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Your Brand, Our Expertise: Seamless White Label Solutions

At Aliacura, we understand the power of individuality, especially in the world of cosmetics. That's why we offer an exclusive opportunity for individuals and businesses to step into the spotlight with their unique beauty products.


As seasoned white-label producers, we extend a helping hand to those who dream of creating their own brand. Our team of skilled scientists will passionately craft and develop products tailored to your vision, absolutely free of charge. You get to handpick from our curated samples, adding your personal touch with colors and scents.


Worried about packaging? Fret not! We assist in choosing the perfect packaging solutions, whether it's for creams, makeup, hair products, or more.


Plus, our design experts will collaborate with you to create a label that mirrors your brand identity.


Here's the best part – you don't need to commit to large quantities. Start your brand journey with us by testing your products with orders as small as 30 Kg. Join us in shaping the future of beauty – where your unique creations become reality. Partner with Aliacura and let your brand shine!

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Image by Ian Schneider

Aliacura cooperation partner

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together leads to success. Henry Ford
PatriaMed Apotheken


PatriaMed is an association of active pharmacists. It is our goal to promote and further develop the safe supply of health products from regional sources. We maintain and improve the tried and tested, while at the same time breaking new ground. In this way, we help our patients achieve a little more health every day. Through PatriaMed, Aliacura works closely with 10 pharmacies in the region on research and development.

Melanie Wenzel our Partner

Melanie Wenzel

Embark on an exciting journey with alternative practitioner, journalist, presenter and herbal expert Melanie Wenzel. She will take you into the world of medicinal plants and open your eyes to the nature around us in a whole new way.


Partners & Services

You think that you can enrich our network for natural cosmetics? Then please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always looking for interesting people who would like to pass on their knowledge or who have ideas for the future.

Our services for
Private Individuals and Companies

It's always worth the effort, no matter how hard! Lange, Eric
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Perfectly Fitting Raw Materials

Aliacura Red

Tailor Made Development

You are still looking for the right raw material for your cosmetics. We will help you to find the right one.

You have the perfect idea for a cosmetic. No matter whether the marketing campaign is already in place, you need a creative customer gift, or your employees need the perfect in-house hand care. We will develop the right formula for you.

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Reliable Production

High-quality production in our technical centre with equipment from the pharmaceutical sector. Production by or under the supervision of pharmacists with further training in pharmaceutical technology. Production of small batches from 500 pieces possible.

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