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Zinc Stearate is the zinc salt of vegetable fatty acids, predominantly stearic acid. It is a white powder. Zinc stearate is a very good consistency enhancer for emulsions and creams. It can be used in Water in Oil as well as in Oil in Water creams.


In addition to its positive effects on the texture of creams, zinc stearate has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and forms a protective film on the skin. Thus, it is ideally suited for skin protection creams and formulations that are applied to very chapped and inflammation-prone skin.

Application concentration:

1 - 10 %



Zinc stearate is stirred into the oil phase and is finely dispersed therein as a solid at temperatures below its melting point of approx. 125 °C.



Very fine dusts may be formed during processing, which should not be inhaled due to their astringent effect.

Zinc Stearate

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    • Zinc Stearate
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