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Wool wax alcohols are the unsaponifiable components of lanolin. They are predominantly composed of sterols and aliphatic alcohols. The light yellow to brown-yellow mass can absorb many times its weight in water and is therefore used as a W/O emulsifier in body care products. In addition, the wool wax alcohols also act as refatting agents and emollients in cosmetic formulations. The cholesterol in wool wax alcohol also improves the barrier function and thus the moisture retention in the skin. Wool wax alcohol is therefore also considered a caring emulsifier. Compared to lanolin, wool wax alcohol is less "sticky" and does not stick as much to the skin.


Wool wax alcohol is obtained from wool wax by alkaline saponification and subsequent extraction of the unsaponifiable matter. After extraction, deodorization and bleaching take place.


Application concentration:

2 - 10 %

Wool Wax Alcohol

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