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Through esterification with palmitic acid, vitamin C, which is actually water-soluble, becomes fat-soluble. Vitamin C palmitate is also suitable for use in foodstuffs, but is much more stable than vitamin C, which is very sensitive to oxidation and heat.


Since vitamin C palmitate is stable up to 113°C, it can be melted in the oil phase.


Thanks to a synergistic effect of vitamin C palmitate with vitamin E, its antioxidant effect is significantly prolonged and lipids are better protected against oxidation. It is often sufficient to supplement the conventional product protection with vitamin E with 0.2% vitamin C palmitate.


The ability to have a regenerating effect on connective tissue damage makes the vitamin C derivative very popular in anti-aging formulations. It is also very common for its good effect on inflammatory and blemished skin conditions.


Usage concentration:

1-5%; as an antioxidant in vegetable oils, about 0.2% (along with 0.2% vitamin E).

Vitamin C Palmitate

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    • Ascorbyl Palmitate
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