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VeggyKer is based 100% on vegetable, renewable raw materials. The vegetable proteins are split in an extremely mild, energy-saving, enzymatic process (GMO-free) to form so-called microproteins, which are very similar to human keratin in terms of their amino acid spectrum. While common protein hydrolysates usually only have an effect on the hair surface or in the cuticle, the low-molecular phytokeratin "VeggyKer" penetrates through the cuticle deep into the fibre interior (cortex). Here it supplies the hair, which consists of up to 95% keratin, with missing protein building blocks and thus helps to mitigate the influence of stress factors. On the surface of the hair, VeggyKer also forms a protective shield that helps reduce hair breakage and protects against environmental factors in two ways:


1. free radicals that lead to protein degradation and weaken the hair are intercepted.


2. The binding of copper to the hair is reduced - thus reducing damage caused by oxidative stress.


Its skin-soothing effect also recommends VeggyKer for the care of sensitive (head) skin.

VeggyKer is free from gluten. Vegan alternative to animal keratin and suitable for natural cosmetics!


Application concentration:

0,5 - 2 %





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SKU: 1657
PriceFrom €2.50
VAT Included
    • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
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