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Citric acid ester is a clear, oil-soluble liquid produced by the esterification of citric acid with ethanol. As a low-spreading emollient and solvent, but also as a deodorant, triethyl citrate is widely used. Thanks to its ability to inhibit perspiration-degrading enzymes, triethyl citrate reduces the formation of perspiration odor.


Triethyl citrate is incorporated into the oil phase at a concentration of 1-5 %. The pH of the formulation should finally be adjusted to 4-5. If triethyl citrate is to be used as an active ingredient in aqueous-alcoholic deodorant formulations, a solubilizing agent, such as Dermofeel G10 LW, is necessary.


Application concentration:

1-5 %

Triethyl Citrate

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    • Triethyl Citrate
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