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The colorless, viscous liquid Solubilizer G 10 LW is the 50% aqueous solution of a non-ionic surfactant made from renewable raw materials. Solubilizer G 10 LW is compliant with Ecocert and NaTrue. Due to its very good skin compatibility, pleasant skin feel and good solubilizing capacity, Solubilizer G 10 LW can be used for baby care, facial cleansing, as an emulsifier for low-viscosity O/W lotions and roll-on and spray emulsions. Solubilizer G 10 LW can be emulsified both hot and cold. It is heat stable and tolerates a wide pH range. In addition, Solubilizer G 10 LW can also be used to solubilize lipophilic, temperature-sensitive substances and to incorporate them into the cooled emulsion after the emulsification process.





Application concentration:


Solubilizer G10 LW

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SKU: 1367
PriceFrom €11.00
VAT Included
    • Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate
    • Aqua
    • Citric Acid
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