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Solagum™ AX is obtained through an innovative and sustainable manufacturing process in which the Gummi Arabicum coats the xanthan gum. The ratio of the two natural polymers is selected to optimally balance thickening properties, elegant texture, and user-friendliness. This user-friendly "2-in-1 powder" is low in dust, dissolves quickly and easily in hot and cold water, and produces watery gels that are neither sticky nor "stringy". Solagum™ AX tolerates a wide pH range (3 - 12), shows excellent resistance to electrolytes, and is compatible with surfactants and pigments. Its film-forming property also provides a pleasant skin moisturizing and smoothing effect. As Solagum™ AX is less thickening than pure xanthan gum, but at the same time provides excellent stabilization of O/W formulations, it is ideally suited for low to medium-viscosity formulations.


Solagum™ AX is suitable for natural cosmetics.


Use concentration:

0,1 - 3,0 %


pH range:

3 - 12



Incorporation into the water phase; can be processed cold and warm

Solagum™ AX

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SKU: 422
PriceFrom €4.20
VAT Included
    • Acacia Senegal Gum
    • Xanthan Gum
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