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The innovative combination of polysaccharides (xanthan gum and sclerotium gum) and lecithin results in synergies that make the beige-colored powder Siligel™ an easy-to-incorporate - i.e. without forming lumps - and multifunctional active ingredient that serves as a gelling and thickening agent, stabilizer, co-emulsifier or suspending agent in an O/W emulsion or aqueous systems. Siligel™ tolerates an electrolyte content of up to 20%, an ethanol/vine alcohol content of up to 50%, and a pH range of 2-10; thus enabling formulations that are robust even under "extreme conditions". Siligel™ is also excellent for suspending chemical and mineral sunscreens, pigments, or exfoliating bodies (meaning "to keep in suspension" as a chemical term). In addition, however, Siligel™ also acts as an additive to improve skin feel and imparts the sensory profile of silicone oil to cosmetic formulations. Formulations containing Siligel™ spread very well on the skin and leave a pleasant skin feel. The moisturizing lecithin and the film formers xanthan gum and sclerotium gum also ensure a reduction in transepidermal water loss (TEWL).


Siligel™ is suitable for natural cosmetics.


Application concentration:

0.3 - 2 % (It is recommended not to exceed a concentration of 3 %).


- as gelling and thickening agent: from 0.5 %.


- as co-emulsifier: from 0.5 %


- as suspending agent: from 1.2 %


- to improve the sensory profile: from 0.3 %.



Siligel™ can be processed both hot (max. 80 °C) and cold. It can be incorporated directly into the water phase. To do this, it is simply sprinkled onto the water phase while stirring. Predispersion in alcohol, glycerol, or glycol is not necessary!


The Siligel™ can be dispersed into the water phase at the beginning of the manufacturing process, i.e. before emulsification. Provided the emulsion is insensitive to high shear forces, Siligel™ can also be stirred into the cooled, finished emulsion at the end of the manufacturing process. In this case, the stirring speed should be as high as possible. In general, it is highly recommended to incorporate Siligel™ at the highest possible stirring speed. The higher the shear forces/stirring speed the faster the gel will form and the higher the viscosity. Please note that the final viscosity will not be established until 1 day after fabrication. Siligel™ is not compatible with aluminum salts and cationic compounds such as stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, and guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride (hair guar).



Face and body care, sun protection, after-sun, makeup, baby care, facial cleansing.


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SKU: 415
PriceFrom €5.20
VAT Included
    • Xanthan Gum
    • Lecithin
    • Sclerotium Gum
    • Pullulan
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