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The pressed, shea butter Nilotica is the East African variant of the West African shea butter (subspecies paradoxa). The main difference between this rarity and the shea butter Subspecies. paradoxa is the fatty acid spectrum. Nilotica shea butter has a significantly higher content of monounsaturated oleic acid (50-60%) and a correspondingly lower content of saturated fatty acids. As a result, shea butter Nilotica melts at significantly lower temperatures than shea butter Paradoxa - so it is particularly soft. Shea butter Nilotica tends to form less of a film and has better absorption properties. Its typical smell is more discreet than that of the raw shea butter Paradoxa. Also used purely as lip or skincare, this shea butter is ideal.





Melting range:

20 - 30 °C



work into the oil phase


Application concentration:

up to 100

Shea Butter Nilotica

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SKU: 407
VAT Included
    • Vitellaria Paradoxa Subspecies Nilotica
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