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The sucrose and coconut oil fatty acid-based gentle surfactant is a very mild hydrophilic emollient and co-surfactant. In shampoos and shower gels, the refatting sugar surfactant improves skin feel during and after washing, reduces the irritating or degreasing effect of other surfactants, and increases the viscosity of surfactant mixtures. However, soft surfactant in shampoo is most noticeable in the foam, which gains in density, stability, and creaminess thanks to the sugar surfactant. Sanfttensid is therefore highly recommended for sensitive skin or dry, brittle hair.

Sanfttensid is purely vegetable, free of PEG and preservatives. It is compliant with Ecocert.



Sanfttensid is homogeneously dispersed in the 40-60 °C warm water phase. Since the pasty mass becomes liquid already at 25°C and the sucrose cocoate/water mixture may become inhomogeneous during storage, it should be warmed to 40°C and homogenized in a water bath before use.


Application concentration:

0.5-4 % in shampoos and shower gels

2-4 % in emulsions

Gentle Surfactant

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    • Sucrose Cocoate
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