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Montanov™ 202 is a palm oil-free, non-ionic O-/W emulsifier manufactured according to the principles of "green chemistry" - without solvents, without preservatives, and based on renewable raw materials. This flexible emulsifier enables the production of lotions and creamy textures, tolerates a wide pH range (3 - 10), and easily emulsifies oil phases of up to 40%. Montanov™ 202 is compatible with nourishing oils of all polarities (ester oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, silicones) and all ingredients normally found in skin care products (active ingredients, UV filters, pigments, etc.). The balanced composition of an emulsifier of the alkylpolyglucoside type (arachidyl glucosides) and co-emulsifying fatty alcohols (arachidyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol) leads to the formation of liquid-crystalline lipid bilayers in the emulsion, thus approximating the natural lipid structure of the skin. As a result, this leads not only to an emulsion with a better affinity to the skin, better compatibility, and a certain "lightness", but also to improved emulsion stability, enhanced active ingredient efficiency, and significantly longer skin moisturization.


Montanov™ 202 is suitable for natural cosmetics.


Application concentration:

1 - 5 %


pH range:

3 - 10


Melting range:

74 - 78 °C



Dissolve Montanov™ 202 in the oil phase at 80 - 85 °C. Then add to the water phase at 80 - 85 °C u

Montanov™ 202

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PriceFrom €4.20
VAT Included
    • Arachidyl Alcohol
    • Behenyl Alcohol
    • Arachidyl Glucoside
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