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Menthyl Lactate imparts a mild, long-lasting cooling effect and a pleasant freshness on the skin. The white, crystalline substance is not water-soluble and is stable in a pH range of 4-8. Although the substance smells slightly of menthol, formulations with it are almost odourless, or it does not affect fragrances with essential oils or perfume oils. The cooling effect of menthyl lactate is milder than that of pure menthol but is much better tolerated by the skin. The product should be emulsified at approx. 40 °C. One option is to pre-dissolve the raw material in perfume oils or fatty oils. This is particularly recommended when used in shampoos or shower gels.

This pre-solution can then be added to the surfactants.

It may be that this increases the viscosity of the formulation. Please note that high dosages of oils and waxes can noticeably reduce the cooling effect. The spontaneous cooling effect on the skin can be increased by the additional addition of 5 - 10 % alcohol (ethanol/alcohol of wine).


Melting point:

40 - 42 °C



Oil-soluble and soluble in ethanol (min. 50%).


Application concentration:

0,1 - 2,0 %

Menthyl Lactate

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    • Menthyl Lactate
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