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The enzymatically modified lysolecithin is more hydrophilic than conventional lecithin and acts as an O/W emulsifier. Lysolecithin can be used in many ways and is considered very pleasant and skin-friendly. Its refatting and, at a pH around 5, also conditioning properties have meanwhile also secured lysolecithin a place in hair care. In bubble baths or bath oils, it makes the skin feel incomparably soft.

Lysolecithin is easy to process and tolerates pH fluctuations. Although it does not tolerate prolonged heating at temperatures above 70-80°C, lysolecithin can be used for hot emulsification. However, cold-stirred emulsions are also possible. In any case, lysolecithin should be used with additional consistency enhancers, such as butter, waxes or co-emulsifiers.




Use concentration:

3-4 % in O/W emulsions

0.5-1 % as co-emulsifier

up to 10% in bath oils


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