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LaraCare A 200 can be found in the list of ingredients of cosmetic products as galactoarabinone. The powder extracted from the North American larch is a water-soluble and non-thickening polysaccharide composed of the sugars galactose and arabinose, which stands out due to its multifunctional properties.

As a hydrophilic additive, it helps to significantly reduce the average oil droplet size of an O/W emulsion during the emulsion process and makes the emulsion more stable.

As an active ingredient, Lara Care A 200 then ensures the formation of a long-lasting film that effectively protects the skin and reduces water loss, resulting in an improved skin appearance.

An additional bonus is the ability of Lara Care A 200 to distribute pigments very finely and evenly in an emulsion and to prevent agglomeration. The polysaccharide Lara Care forms a three-dimensional net, so to speak, which fixes the pigments in the emulsion.


This property is particularly evident in sun protection formulations with UV pigments. Comparative studies in which the SPF value of a formulation was increased by 40% by adding 5% Lara Care A 200 show how a finer distribution of the pigments can increase their efficiency. It should be mentioned in passing that the finer pigment distribution also benefits skin feel.

Lara Care A 200 is incorporated via the water phase. A big advantage is that this polymer tolerates the typical temperatures and shear forces of the (hot) emulsion process. In addition, Lara Care A 200 tolerates a pH range of 3-13 and a high electrolyte content.

LaraCare A 200 is 100% vegetable, 100% biodegradable and certified by Ecocert.


Application concentration:

2 - 5 %



LaraCare® A 200

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