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The slightly yellowish oil with the typical smell is obtained by mechanical cold pressing of 100 % organic hazelnuts (botanically: Corylus avellana). As the nuts are not roasted before pressing, the color is lighter, the smell is less intense and a large number of vitamins is preserved, especially vitamin E.




It is excellent for light summer creams, as the hazelnut oil is absorbed quickly and the vitamin E it contains has an antioxidant effect. Hazelnut oil has a toning and tightening effect and can thus inhibit the formation of cellulite and prevent wrinkles. The oil can also help to correct oily skin by regulating the secretion of oil on the skin. It is also well suited for shampoos due to its hair-care, less greasy effect. It can also be used in massage oils together with other oils, it then does not remain on the skin as long after the massage.




The hazelnut extract is natural and Kosher certified.


Application concentration:

5 - 100 %

Hazelnut Oil

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    • Corylus Avellana Seed Oil
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