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Glycine betaine or betaine is a small molecule with numerous positive properties. The anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effect is supported by good biocompatibility. Thus, the potentially irritating effects of surfactants and emulsifiers are balanced. It is therefore also suitable for use in soaps and toothpaste to make them more skin- and mucosa-friendly. Furthermore, betaine can increase fibroblast activity and is, therefore, suitable for use in anti-aging products. Glycine betaine can lead to a slight lightening of dark skin types.

Betaine is a natural component of hair and ensures its stability, especially under stressful conditions such as heat, and high humidity but also under chemical influences such as when bleaching hair.



Dissolve in water at a maximum of 40 °C and then work into the formula at the same temperature.


Application concentration:


Cream/lotion 1 - 4 %

Shampoo 1 - 3 %

Shower gel 3 - 5

Soaps 1 %

Glycine Betaine

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