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Glycerin is purely vegetable and is absorbed as a water-soluble product in the water phase. Glycerin has a very moisturizing effect and is used as a humectant in almost all cosmetic formulations. At use concentrations greater than 5%, formulations often feel tacky. Glycerin also shows limited preservative properties, but should not be used alone and must then be included at a concentration of at least 20% pure glycerin. Glycerin is water soluble and insensitive to heat.


The 99% glycerin is purely vegetable, palm oil-free and based on coconut oil, corn, soy (GMO-free) from controlled organic cultivation. The syrupy liquid (density: approx. 1.26 g/mL) is an important component of the skin's own moisturizing system and, thanks to its hydrating and skin barrier-strengthening properties, is one of the standard ingredients in cosmetic formulations.


Application concentration:

Humectant: 2 - 5 %


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