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The colourless, crystalline, and slightly hygroscopic solid is a natural substance from the group of extremolytes. Ectoin is a low-molecular cyclic amino acid derivative that is formed by extremophilic microorganisms to protect themselves from hostile environmental conditions such as strong temperature fluctuations, high salt concentrations, high UV radiation, and drought. Responsible for this ability of this small "stress-protection molecule" is its cosmotropic (water structure-forming) properties. This means that Ectoin ensures that the intramolecular interactions between the water molecules are strengthened and that the molecules in the water arrange themselves in a structured manner. Figuratively speaking, Ectoin forms a stable water envelope around itself, but also around the neighbouring proteins and cell membranes, in which water molecules are neighboured by more water molecules than usual and therefore "move" more slowly. This structural formation distinguishes Ectoin from other hydration and is known as the "Ectoin hydro-complex". This results in the ability of action to strengthen the native structures of biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, etc.) and to reduce denaturation processes in such a way that their biological activity remains guaranteed. As a result, Ectoin is a multifunctional active ingredient that

a) moisturizes the skin very well and thus contributes to a smooth and soft, elastic skin.

b) reliably helps to prevent premature skin ageing caused by harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation.

c) has anti-inflammatory properties.


Application concentration:

0,2 - 5 %



Approx. 550 g soluble in 1 litre of water and approx. 5 g soluble in 1 litre of ethanol (alcohol of wine)



Ectoin is stable over a wide pH range (pH 1-9) and tolerates high temperatures (6 h at 190 °C); decomposes at 280 °C.



Ectoin can be dissolved in the hot water phase before emulsion formation or - dissolved in a little water - incorporated into the cooled emulsion.



Care products for all skin types, especially for dry, mature, stressed, and sensitive skin; sun protection and after-sun formulations; anti-ageing concepts.


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