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As an elementary component of the horny layer, ceramides stabilize the natural (skin) protective barrier and thus help prevent excessive moisture loss. At the same time, a stable and healthy skin barrier also prevents the penetration of foreign substances that can cause inflammation and itching. A lack of ceramides can therefore be responsible for dry and irritated skin.


High-purity ceramide lll B is produced via a bio fermentative process and is identical to ceramides found in human skin. Even at low concentrations, it can support the renewal of the skin's natural barrier normalize moisture loss, and reduce the effects of environmental factors.


In contrast to Ceramide lll, the phytosphingosine skeleton of Ceramide lll B is not acylated with stearic acid but with monounsaturated oleic acid. Ceramides lll B therefore have a lower melting point, are more oil-soluble, and show a significantly lower tendency to crystallize than Ceramides lll.


According to the manufacturer, the processing of all ceramides is demanding, but Ceramide lll B is nevertheless better and more promising to process due to its lower melting temperature (Ceramide lll B: 98 - 108 °C; Ceramide lll: 123 - 128 °C) and its better oil solubility than Ceramide lll.


At room temperature, the powdered ceramide is almost insoluble in all common oils and emollients. Therefore, heating the oil phase to at least 90 °C is necessary for a clear solution of Ceramides lll B. It is recommended to dissolve the ceramides first in insensitive neutral oil and then to add the other components of the oil phase - melted and also heated to at least 90 °C. This is very important for a clear solution of ceramides lll B. It is very important for the success of the emulsion that the ceramides are completely dissolved clearly in the oil phase before and during the emulsion process; this means that by the end of the emulsion process, the water and oil phases must be at least 90 °C! If the temperature is too low, there is a risk that the ceramides will crystallize immediately or even later.


Application concentration:

0,05 - 0,5 %


Melting temperature:

98 - 108 °C



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Ceramide lll B

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