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The excretory product of bees is present here as white pellets. Thanks to its high melting point around 65°C, it serves as a consistency agent in cosmetic formulations. The concentration for use in emulsions should be between 0.5 and 1%. Higher concentrations quickly dull a cream. During emulsification, care should be taken to ensure that the temperature of the oil and water phases is 80-90°C each. An insufficiently heated water phase will cause the beeswax melted in the oil phase to harden prematurely and not be emulsified. People allergic to pollen should be careful with beeswax and switch to other consistencies if necessary.


Recipe recommendation:

Bath oil


Melting range:

61-65 °C


Use concentration:

0,5 - 1 %


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VAT Included
    • Cera Alba
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