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BergaMuls ET 1 is a multifunctional active ingredient based on swellable, soluble, and insoluble natural cereal and fruit fibers. BergaMuls ET 1 thus combines the properties of classic O/W emulsifiers with those of vegetable thickeners - it emulsifies and thickens in a single step. O/W emulsions based on BergaMuls ET 1 are convincing because of their stability, skin compatibility, and lightness and are particularly distinguished by their high electrolyte tolerance and high pH tolerance. BergaMuls ET 1 tolerates all oils - from ester oils (such as Dermofeel Sensolv) to natural vegetable oils and non-polar oils (such as Cetiol Ultimate, squalane). A particular advantage of this emulsifier is that it can be processed both cold and warm.


Application concentration:

1,5 - 5,0 %


pH range:

4 - 9


Fields of application:

Face and body care, sun protection products, decorative cosmetics, and hair care.



In principle, BergaMuls ET 1 can be dissolved in the water phase as well as dispersed in the fat phase. However, the latter is recommended.


  1. Disperse BergaMuls ET 1 in the fat phase and then heat the fat phase to 70 - 80 °C. The water phase should also be heated to 70 - 80 °C.
  2. Heat the water phase to 70 - 80 °C as well.
  3. Add the water phase to the fat phase and homogenize at high speed for 1 - 4 min.
  4. Allow to cool to hand-warm. Continue to stir moderately while cooling.
  5. Stir the temperature-sensitive ingredients into the hand-warm emulsion, then homogenize at high speed for approx. 1 min.
  6. Preserve and adjust the pH value if necessary.
  7. After approx. 24 h, stir again at high speed for approx. 1 min.

BergaMuls ET 1

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    • Beta-Glucan (and) Pectin
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