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A great care for stressed and chapped lips. Practical for lip care on the go or as a nice individual gift! The production is simple and very well suited for "occasional stirrers" or beginners in "self-stir cosmetics".


Here you can find the production instructions: Link


Content Standard:

14 lip balm tubes

40 g jojoba oil

32 g beeswax, white

10 g cocoa butter organic

13 g Shea butter organic

5 g Phytosteryl Macadamiate


Content Vegan:

14 lip balm pods

35 g almond oil

34 g berry wax

18 g cocoa butter organic

13 g shea butter organic

Lip Balm DIY Kit

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SKU: 1809
VAT Included
  • Ingredients for 14 pieces

    • 14 lip balm tubes
    • 40 g jojoba oil
    • 32 g beeswax
    • 10 g cocoa butter
    • 13 g shea butter
    • 5 g phytosteryl macadamiate


    Zusätzlich Topf, Löffel, Schale mit Eiswasser




    Put all the components (jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, phytosteryl macadamiate) in a small pot or beaker.


    Pour very cold water into a shallow bowl and add a few ice cubes. Place the opened lip balm tubes in the water. Tip: tie 2 x 4 and 2 x 3 pods together with a rubber band and place them in the water this way - they are easier to fill this way and won't tip over as quickly as pods standing alone.

    Melt the ingredients while stirring to a clear liquid. Do not heat too much!


    Immediately pour the liquid into the pods quickly - first fill to one-third full, then fill to full. If the mixture solidifies before you have filled everything into the pods - no big deal, just melt it again.

    Let everything solidify completely.


    Seal the pods with the caps and place them in the freezer for about 30 minutes.


    Ready to use or give as a gift!


    Tip: For a great scent, add the pith of a vanilla bean to the jojoba oil about 7 days before processing. A drop of an essential oil will also work, of course.

    For the vegan version, proceed in the same way, only with the other ingredients.

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