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Introducing our DIY bath bomb kit for kids - a delightful mix of creativity and fun for the little ones! At Aliacura, we are delighted to introduce a unique opportunity for children to embark on a sensory adventure and make their own bath bombs.


What's included:

  • Carefully selected natural ingredients for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Vibrant and safe colors to add a playful touch to each bath bomb.
  • High quality silicone molds for easy creation of delightful shapes.
  • Almond oil, known for its nourishing properties to leave skin soft and moisturized after every bath.


Why choose our kit:

  •  Natural and safe: we focus on the best for your children. Our kit uses only natural and safe raw materials for a gentle and enjoyable bathing experience.
  •  Creativity Unleashed: See little ones express their creativity by choosing colors and shapes to make their own personalized bath bombs.
  •  Educational fun: Our DIY kit not only entertains, but also educates children about the importance of natural ingredients in skincare products.
  •  Nourishing goodness: The addition of almond oil adds a touch of luxury and leaves skin nourished and moisturized after every bath.


Encourage your child's imagination and turn bath time into an exciting adventure with Aliacura's DIY bath bomb set for kids.

Bath bombs children's fun DIY kit

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SKU: 2466
VAT Included

    For 10 bath bombs

    Sodium bicarbonate

    224,0 g

    Zirconic acid

    96,0 g

    Almond oil

    16.0 ml


    As required, max. 8.0 ml


    As required - drip wise




    •  Weigh the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid into a bowl and mix well. Tip: Please wear gloves to protect your hands during preparation!


    • Measure out the almond oil and pour it well over the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid mixture in the bowl. Work the almond oil well into the mixture with your hands until it is evenly distributed.

    • Add as much water as necessary until the mixture is easy to shape but not too wet.

    •  Color as desired. 

    •  Press the mixture firmly into the molds, not completely full and Leave to dry for 24 hours.


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