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This multifunctional, moisturizing, and skin barrier-strengthening active ingredient is obtained from renewable raw materials and is suitable for natural cosmetics (Ecocert + Cosmos). Unlike common moisturizers, which try to bind moisture in the upper layer of the skin, Aquaxyl actively intervenes in the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the formation of aquaporins. Aquaporins belong to the family of membrane proteins. They form the "water channels" that penetrate the cell membrane and through which the exchange of water, but also glycerine, takes place. The more aquaporins present, the better the transport system through which water can be brought to where it is needed. The use of Aquaxyl thus leads to a balanced water balance within the skin or a harmonious water circulation. On the one hand, water reaches the surface of the skin more quickly, but on the other hand, more water can be absorbed from the outside, made more biologically available, and transported into deeper skin layers. The fact that water is of central importance for the function of the skin is not only due to its transport function but also to the fact that the skin's enzymes can only fulfill their task if it is sufficiently hydrated.


As a result, Aquaxyl:

1. the formation of the body's hyaluronic acid and thus an increase in the skin's moisture depots (hyaluronic booster),

2. the synthesis of the body's ceramides and other "putty substances" and thus the restructuring of the skin barrier; as a result, transepidermal water loss is reduced and the skin's resistance to external environmental influences is strengthened,

3. normalization of the desquamation of the cornea and thus the prevention of flaky, itchy skin.


The effect of Aquaxyl intensifies over time so that the skin remains well moisturized for some time even after the application has ended.


Application concentration:

1 - 5 %



Water soluble




Stir into the cooled emulsion.



Moisturizing creams and lotions, anti-aging concepts, shampoos, and shower gels.


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SKU: 1393
PriceFrom €2.40
VAT Included
    • Xylitylglucoside
    • Anhydroxylitol
    • Xylitol
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