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The gently obtained extract from the herb and flowers of pansy has been proven to help with mild seborrheic dermatitis (superficial skin inflammation with scaling), eczema, itching, and skin impurities (oily skin, acne). The extract of the violet plant is popularly/traditionally used in the treatment of cradle caps. Its action is believed to be due to the interaction of flavonoids (e.g., quercetin and rutin) and phenolic carboxylic acids (salicylic acid derivatives), which have anti-inflammatory effects, and mucilages, which soothe irritation.



4,0 - 5,0


Application concentration:

1 - 10 %



Stir into the cooled (lukewarm) emulsion.

Pansy Extract

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SKU: 1225
VAT Included
    • Glycerin
    • Aqua
    • Viola Tricolor Extract
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