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Immerse yourself in the world of fragrances with our homemade beeswax candle. Our DIY recipe allows you to create individual scented candles that not only provide cosy light, but also enchant your senses. Give your home a personal touch by simply making this aromatic candle yourself. Enjoy relaxing moments and let yourself be enveloped by the gentle fragrances of our homemade beeswax candles.

Beeswax scented candle kit

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VAT Included
  • Raw materials for 100 g candle wax + fragrance


    79,0 g

    Cocoa butter, raw

    21,0 g


    3,1 g


    Candle wicks and jars in the desired number of candles are also required

    The recipe is based on 100 g candle wax mixture + 3.1 g fragrance to make it easier to adjust to the desired quantity of candles to be moulded. Please extrapolate according to the desired number and volume of jars.



    Weigh the beeswax and cocoa butter, raw, into a metal bowl

    Melt the weighed wax and butter in the metal bowl over a water bath

    In the meantime, weigh out the fragrance and prepare the candle jar. To do this, place the wick in the centre on the base and secure with pins, chopsticks, etc. in the centre.

    As soon as the wax mixture has completely melted, stir in the fragrance and pour the candles!

    Now wait until the wax is solid and your scented candle is ready!

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