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This easy-to-use UV protection in the form of a stable, homogeneous dispersion avoids the usual problems encountered when processing physical light protection filters:

- the user is not exposed to dust during application

- The user is spared the time-consuming preparation of the pre-dispersion.

- no special equipment is required for the preparation of the pre-dispersion

- the uniform, fine distribution of the titanium dioxide pigments ensures optimum UV efficiency

- the presence of suitable dispersants avoids instabilities, such as clumping or settling of the pigments

- the liquid dispersion can be easily incorporated into the formulation


The average particle size of titanium dioxide micro pigments is in the range of 170 - 185 nm. Since the particle size distribution is very narrow, these are not nanoparticles. Even "whitening" occurs only moderately, since only a few particles exceed the critical size of 200 nm for this. Due to their structure (rutile), size and spherical shape, the micro-pigments used not only exhibit the high UVB protection known for titanium dioxide but also an unusually high UVA protection for this pigment. Since the titanium dioxide pigments are photostable, i.e. they do not decompose or oxidize under the influence of UV light like chemical filters, the UV protection is maintained as long as the light protection filters remain on the skin. In addition, thanks to their excellent coating, the pigments exhibit very low photocatalytic activity. The sunscreen dispersion combines very good sun protection with very good skin compatibility - formulations with this pre-dispersion leave the skin feeling silky and are particularly recommended for sensitive skin.


XT 300 sunscreen dispersion is suitable for natural cosmetics.



The sunscreen dispersion is stirred into the melted oil phase, which has been heated to 70 - 80 °C - if necessary, at high speed. Important: the temperature must be kept at 70 - 80 °C, then emulsify with the water phase, which is also heated to 70 - 80 °C. In the case of water-in-oil emulsions (the oil phase is the continuous phase here!), the oil-soluble sunscreen dispersion can also be stirred into the emulsion after emulsification - if necessary, also at high speed.



This sunscreen dispersion is compatible with microfine zinc oxide (additional care + even better UVA protection). To increase the SPF, you can also combine the oil-soluble and water-soluble sunscreen dispersion in one formulation.


Solid content:

minimum 55



1% solid results in 2 - 3 SPF units (1 g solid corresponds to 1.8 g sunscreen dispersion).

Sunscreen Dispersion XT 300

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SKU: 1794
PriceFrom €5.90
VAT Included
    • Titanium Dioxide
    • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    • Polyhydroxystearic Acid
    • Stearic Acid
    • Alumina
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