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The natural brine is extracted in Bad Windsheim (Bavaria) from a depth of about 200 meters, where it rests in the form of a salt dome about twelve meters thick. When the brine resurfaces, it has a concentration of 26.9%. It is enriched with valuable minerals and trace elements and is mainly used for skin diseases such as acne, neurodermatitis, and psoriasis. However, its high sodium chloride content can also be used as a mineral-rich alternative to table salt.



To use the minerals for the skin, already 1 - 5 % salt concentration in the water phase is sufficient (i.e., a brine dilution by at least 1 to 5).



For most inflammatory skin diseases, concentrations of 5 - 27 % are used, so possibly also pure natural brine. In high concentrations from 20 %, the brine also has a cornea-reducing effect or sloughs it off, so it is an exfoliant without abrasives.

Since relatively large quantities are needed for baths, the brine can also be processed with xanthan gum into a gel and then applied. Please, however, in high concentration for only about 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water again, a little horny skin should be left to his skin. So rather like a bath to cream, or use a mask. In the vicinity of the eyes, concentrated salt water of course also does not belong.



Application concentration:

5 - 100% pure brine

Natural Brine

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