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Rizipearls are a natural, skin-friendly, and sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful plastic peeling beads.


These natural exfoliating beads with a particle size between 20 and 60 mesh are easily biodegradable and are made from 100% renewable raw materials. A special manufacturing process produces spherical beads from castor oil with excellent abrasive and at the same time caring properties. Due to their characteristic melting behavior, they become velvety soft even at body temperature and provide an intensive care experience. Thanks to their uniformly smooth surface, Rizipearls are particularly suitable for gentle and skin-friendly exfoliating applications, such as facial scrubs, shower gels, and cleansing gels. They do not contain any other additives.


Melting range:

80 - 90 °C


Application concentration:

0,5 - 2 %


Application note:

Avoid high shear forces, do not heat above 75 °C, and best stir into the cold formulation.

Rizipearls 20/60 White - Hydrogenated Castor Oil

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PriceFrom €2.40
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    • Hydrogenated Castor Oil
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