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Apart from wrinkles, itching, chronic dryness, and increased susceptibility to external influences as a result of a disturbed skin barrier are often among the signs of maturing skin. With Reforcyl® a modern cosmetic concept is available, which, based on herbal ingredients, specifically strengthens the skin barrier - especially in mature skin - and leads to a visible improvement of the skin condition (according to the manufacturer after approx. 4 weeks of application).


The concept is based on the extracts of the Jiaogoulan plant (Far Eastern "immortality herb", "woman's ginseng"; Gynostemma pentaphyllum) and the Cistus (Western "plant of beauty"; Cistus incanus). While the female ginseng Gynostemma pentaphyllum significantly activates epidermal lipid synthesis and is thus responsible for regenerating and strengthening the damaged skin barrier, the antioxidant extract of the cistus - a plant with an exceptionally high polyphenol content that was named European Medicinal Plant of the Year in 1999 - supports the weakened antioxidant defense system of mature skin.


This combination of a skin barrier-strengthening plant extract and a plant extract that protects against reactive oxygen shows a noticeable effect against the signs of mature skin such as lack of water, wrinkle depth, skin roughness as well as loss of elasticity and firmness after about 4 weeks of application.


Reforcyl® is suitable for natural cosmetics.


Application concentration:

1 - 5 %



Water soluble



Stir into the cooled emulsion. Generally, incorporate into the formulation at temperatures < 50 °C.


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SKU: 1192
PriceFrom €4.20
VAT Included
    • Glycerin
    • Aqua
    • Glutamine
    • Decyl Glucoside
    • Phenethyl Alcohol
    • Citric Acid
    • Cistus Incanus Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
    • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf/Stem Extract
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