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Olivem® 900 is a W/O emulsifier that comes in the form of white chips. In addition to its classic use in W/O-based skin care products, Olivem® 900 can also be used as a gel former for clear oleogels. Due to its lipid properties, skin care products containing Olivem® 900 are absorbed quickly and leave the skin feeling pleasantly soft.


In addition to its use in creams, lotions, and oleogels, the emulsifier can also be used as a powder dispersant in sunscreen products and make-up formulations.


This raw material can be used to formulate EcoCert, COSMOS, and Natural Ingredients (according to ISO 16128-1:2016) certified cosmetics.


Melting range:

65-75 °C






Oil Soluble


Use concentration:

5 - 7.5 % as emulsifier

1 - 10 % in lipogels and as a powder dispersant

1 - 2 % as co-emulsifier in O/W

2 - 3 % as co-emulsifier in W/S and W/O

1 - 4 % in sun protection products as SPF enhancer

Olivem® 900 MB

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PriceFrom 4,10 €
VAT Included
    • Sorbitan Olivate
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