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The natural caffeine is produced during the decaffeination of green coffee beans. After gentle cleaning and drying, the caffeine is present as a white, odorless powder. Natural Caffeine Green is free of chemical additives or solvent residues. It is of 100% plant origin and suitable for natural cosmetics. Its high biological activity makes caffeine a multi-talent and is the reason why it is used in many different cosmetics. Caffeine stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation even in the smallest blood vessels. This counteracts the age-related slowing of the skin renewal process and additionally ensures that nutrients and other active ingredients are better absorbed - resulting in an improved skin appearance. Furthermore, caffeine helps to alleviate puffiness around the eyes and to strengthen hair growth. In addition, caffeine is used in care products against cellulite.


Application concentration:

0,1 - 3,0 %



Dissolve in oil or hot water

Natural Caffeine Green

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VAT Included
    • P501 Dispose of contents/container by local/regional/national/international regulations.
    • H302 Harmful if swallowed.
    • P270 Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using.
    • P301+P312 IF INTOXICATED: If you feel unwell, call a POISON CENTER/doctor/...
    • P330 Rinse out mouth.
    • P264 Wash thoroughly with plenty of soap and water after use.
    • Caffeine
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