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Enjoy pure relaxation with our exclusive recipe for a luxurious bubble bath from Aliacura. Immerse yourself in a fragrant ocean of bubbles and indulge your senses. Our carefully selected ingredients promise not only a sumptuous bubble experience, but also gentle care for your skin. Experience wellness in your own home with our special bubble bath recipe.


The bubble bath is a basic bubble bath that even beginners are guaranteed to succeed with and is suitable as a last-minute DIY gift.

Foam bath kit - basic bathing pleasure

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VAT Included
  • Raw materials for 100 g

    Phase A:


    33,8 g

    Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate

    30,0 g

    Cocamidopropyl Betaine

    22,5 g


    10,0 g

    Glyceryl oleate

    1,5 g



    Phase B:


    Roconsal BOD-N

    0,2 g

    Lactic acid

    q.s. To pH slightly below 5.5



    Phase C:


    Sea salt

    2,0 g




    A bottle is also required for bottling.




    • Weigh all the ingredients of phase A one after the other, mix and dissolve while heating. Please do not stir too vigorously so that it does not foam.
    • Allow the completely dissolved, clear phase A to cool. Then add Rokonsal BSB-N and adjust the pH value with lactic acid to less than or equal to 5.5.
    • Weigh out the sea salt and add to the bubble bath mixture while stirring to dissolve. This thickens the bubble bath slightly and gives it its final viscosity.
    • Add fragrance according to your wishes.
    • Your basic bathing pleasure is ready to enjoy yourself or to give as a gift! :-)
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