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Cleansing cream with an anti-aging effect gently and effectively removes makeup and skin impurities. The cleansing cream leaves skin soft, hydrated, and radiant. Suitable for normal to very dry skin.

Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream with Orange Blossom Xax

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34,40 €Price
VAT Included
  • Ingredients for 100 g



    • 99,06 g Water
    • 11.2 g glycerin 99 %
    • 4.0 g ginseng extract


    • 20,0 g Jojoba oil
    • 19.2 g mango butter
    • 10.0 g Glyceryl Stearate Citrate - GSC
    • 9.6 g orange blossom wax
    • 9.6 g decyl glucoside
    • 8.0 g Emulsifier GC
    • 4.0 g cetyl palmitate


    • 4,0 g Vitamin E
    • 0.40 g lavender oil
    • 0.94 g Preserve PE
    • q.s. Lactic acid



    Weigh out the ingredients of phase A and mix in a beaker.


    Weigh out the ingredients of phase B and mix in a beaker.


    Gently heat both beakers simultaneously, e.g. in a water bath, until the emulsifier GC and the orange blossom wax have melted.


    Drop phase A into phase B while stirring. Stir again and again and wait until the cream has cooled down.


    After complete cooling, stir in the phase C products one by one, adjusting the pH with lactic acid if necessary. Of course, other essential oils or fragrances can be used for scenting. You should also adjust the quantities of fragrances to your personal preferences! It is better to use a little less at first and then "spice it up".


    Fill the cleansing cream into a jar.



    Apply the cleansing cream to the face and massage it gently. Then remove with a damp pad and rinse the skin with water.

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