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The Bodybar is the solid version of a rich body butter, without the need for a cream jar. The Bodybar is therefore the perfect companion for rough, dry skin in winter. The formulation absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film and creates a velvety skin feeling.

Bodybar with Olivem 900 Kit

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SKU: 2433
VAT Included
  • Raw materials for 100 g

    Phase A:

    Cocoa butter

    10 g

    Shea butter

    10 g

    Almond oil

    7 g

    Babassu oil

    5 g


    13 g

    Berry wax

    20 g

    Sunflower wax

    15 g

    Olive 900

    15 g



    Phase B:



    10 g


    You will also need a mould for casting the body bars.



    • Weigh all the ingredients of phase A (cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, babassu oil, squalane, berry wax, sunflower wax and olive 900) into a metal bowl
    • Melt the weighed waxes and oils in the metal bowl over a water bath
    • In the meantime, heat the water to approx. 70 °C
    • As soon as the wax-oil mixture has melted completely clear, stir in the heated water and stir the mixture until it is creamy. IMPORTANT: Please only pour into moulds when the mixture is creamy, otherwise the water may settle in droplets!
    • Pour the creamy, slightly cooled mixture into the moulds and wait until the body bars have hardened completely. Remove from the mould and use for yourself or pack as a gift.
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