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Discover a refreshing time-out with our DIY bath salt recipe for a cooling effect. Add a sparkling touch to your bathing experience by combining high-quality ingredients yourself. Our simple instructions allow you to create refreshing bath salts that not only relax but also revitalise. Enjoy the cooling effect and pamper yourself with a homemade spa experience in your own bathroom.

Bath salts with cooling effect fragrance kit

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VAT Included
  • Raw materials for 100 g + fragrance

    Dead Sea Salt

    100 g

    Eucalyptus oil

    10 drops

    Cajeput oil

    6 drops of

    Babassu oil

    5 g


    You will also need, for example, well-sealable test tubes as gift packaging or other packaging material. For visual refinement, approx. 1 - 2 tablespoons of dried flowers or e.g. peppermint leaves can be mixed into the bath salts.

    Description: Dissolve the bath salts in a full bath and enjoy the wonderful mixture of fragrances to breathe deeply!



    Mix the Dead Sea salt with the essential oils, and add any dried flowers and bottle.

    Done :-)

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