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This babassu oil is extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm and then refined. At temperatures below 21/22 °C, babassu oil is unctuously solid and faintly yellowish to white. Higher temperatures cause the oil to melt into an almost water-light liquid. Due to its high content of lauric and myristic acid, babassu oil is recommended for the care of eczema and itchy, dry, inflamed skin, which needs a lot of moisture but no additional fat. Without leaving a greasy film, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and creates a velvety skin feeling. Babassu oil can be used in many ways: e.g. in massage oils, lotions, face creams, body lotions and lip balms. Babassu oil is also very popular for soap making; it is used to make soaps that foam well. Shampoo soaps made with babassu oil are especially suitable for dry and damaged hair.

Melting point:

22 - 26 °C

Saponification number:

241 - 253


1 %

Babassu Oil

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    • Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil
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