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No vegetable oil has a higher content of erucic acid (C22:1, omega-9) than the oil obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the abyssinian sea kale or crambe. This long-chain, monounsaturated fatty acid dominates the fatty acid spectrum with a share of 50 - 60 % and gives crambe oil its excellent cosmetic properties and high oxidative stability. The pale yellow, almost odourless oil brings shine and suppleness to the hair without leaving a feeling of "greasiness" or heaviness. It improves manageability, such as combability, and prevents hair breakage.


In skin care, crambe oil is characterised by its excellent spreading properties. It is very well absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly soft and velvety after application.


Krambe oil is also suitable for dispersing pigments.


Krambe oil can be used very well for grooming animals.


Krambe oil is an excellent natural alternative to silicone oil and an "economical" alternative to broccoli seed oil.



South Africa


Application concentration:

1 - 100 %

Abyssinian - Crambe - Oil

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    • Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil
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