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Reveiling the wonders of emollients: Squalane a natural approach to skincare

Use of Emollients in Skin Care Products

The skin's own lipids are an important component of the skin, for example to protect it from excessive water loss. For the skin's barrier function to remain intact, all of the skin's own lipids must be present in the right proportions, both in the cell membrane and in the intercellular space.

Aliacura Emollients can help heal irritated skin

If this natural lipid balance is disturbed, skin irritations can occur. Such skin requires appropriate care in order to rebuild the natural lipid barrier. Cosmetics contain so-called emollients as essential ingredients for this purpose. In addition to vegetable oils and butters, lecithins or phytosterols, emollients also include natural skin substances such as ceramides and squalane. These versatile ingredients work wonders to relieve dryness, itching and flaking, making them a proven solution for people with skin conditions caused by a disrupted lipid barrier.

The comforting embrace of emollients

Many emollients are not only absorbed by the skin, but also have a so-called occlusive effect. This means that they form a protective film on the surface of the skin, providing relief and comfort. They play a crucial role in improving the overall feel and appearance of the skin. Whether you are struggling with the irritation of skin conditions or simply looking for a boost of moisture, emollients are your trusted allies on the road to healthy, radiant skin.

Aliacura Emollients Squalan

Squalane: A natural hero for hydration

An outstanding emollient that is causing a stir in the natural cosmetics scene is squalane. Extracted from olive oil, squalane is a translucent, completely odourless oil that works wonders for skin and hair. What makes it special is its ability to deeply hydrate, counteracting the effects of ageing and environmental stresses.

Emollients help skin hydration

Harness the power of the body's own moisturising system

Although the body has its own in-built moisturising system, it sometimes needs support, especially as we age. External moisturisers enriched with emollients such as squalane and humectants such as glycerol help to provide the extra care your skin needs. This dynamic combination of emollients and moisturisers ensures that your skin remains supple, resilient and radiant, resisting the challenges of the natural aging process.

You can recognise this by the fact that a little pure squalane applied directly to the skin leads to more suppleness and a refined appearance of the skin.

Discover the difference with Aliacura's Squalane product

For those looking for the best in natural skincare, Aliacura offers a premium squalane product designed to enhance your skincare routine.

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